Jasmine’s yin yoga class is the best thing to happen to me all week! It is so easy to be present and aware in this class. I appreciate the welcoming atmosphere as well as the the knowledge that Jasmine adds to the practice. Yin yoga is a great balance to my life, it helps to keep me anchored when I go back out in to the world.

Thank you Jasmine, thank you body, thank you Universe.
— Leah Hill
In today’s busy world with its abundance of chronic stress, exhaustion and over-stimulation, I find yoga nidra is absolutely essential for rejuvenation and relaxation. Jasmine’s gentle calm and soothing voice and presence helps me melt away accumulated stress and calm my jumpy nervous system. Attending this class regularly allows me to sleep better, think more clearly and experience more love and joy in life. It fills my cup!
— Susan
Jasmine’s class is a refreshing end to my hectic day. I leave her class feeling as though I have a new sense of energy to be present with my family and finish out the rest of my week on a great note. As a person who needs to understand why I am doing something, she is the perfect facilitator. Her class is equally relaxing as it is educational, which helps me a great deal in my practice at home. I appreciate her creative approach - there is just enough familiarity in each class, yet, plenty of adjustments and new positions and series to work with. I always feel appropriately challenged and comfortable. If you are looking for a rejuvenating oasis in the middle of your busy week - go see Jasmine. You will be thankful you did!
— Brittany Luddington
Thank you for a great class. Really, I had no idea where my mula bandha really was. And now I do.
— Julie
I like [Jasmine’s Yin class] because... there’s no wrong way to do it. And every time I come, I feel better afterwards, even the next day.
— Vanessa Jackson
I have never had any confidence in my body. All my life I have been told that it wasn’t strong enough and that I wasn’t doing well enough. I felt like it was failing me. It was constantly breaking down on me and not shaping itself in the way I worked so hard to accomplish. I felt like it was a constant battle. It wasn’t until I began going to yoga that I found that my body is capable of doing some pretty amazing things and is a truly beautiful and strong vessel that shines in so many ways. My body wasn’t failing me, we just weren’t communicating well with one another. Tonight in yoga I realized that my body is capable of so much more than I have ever believed it was. Jasmine, you have given me such profound respect for myself, for my body, and helped me find a great deal of inner peace. Yoga has had a profound difference on my life and for the first time I feel confident that not only can I be better, but that I am fully capable of having this baby in the way I have always dreamed. Because my body is strong and my body is capable of beautiful things.
— Chelsae
Jasmine’s class is unique in that it is trauma sensitive.
— Methanieanne Ongtooguk
Jasmine thoughtfully guides participants through the various aspects of yoga to restore the body to it’s natural tendencies, while gently informing participants of the purpose of directing the body to hold particular poses for physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual gain. Her depth of knowledge perfectly melds with the extent of the movement each person is guided through, showing a genuine care for how her teachings of yoga affects our complete wellbeing.
— Elissa Turner

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