Reiki is a gentle and profoundly restorative form of hands-on energy healing.  The Japanese word ki is synonymous with chi or with prana, meaning "universal life force energy," and rei can be translated as 'divine intelligence.'  Reiki then, is a life force energy that is guided by divine love. 

Image courtesy of Birds Eye Photography

Image courtesy of Birds Eye Photography

Reiki facilitates deep relaxation and catalyzes the natural healing response.  Reiki can effect healing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels as well as within the human energy body : bringing healing to the experience of dis-ease.   Dis-ease is experienced when we are out of alignment with the easeful, healed, balanced state that is our birthright; dis-ease can manifest as disease, excessive fatigue, anxiety or depression.  Invite Reiki into your life to gently and holistically return to your natural state of vibrancy.  Reiki energy is channeled through the hands of the practitioner from the limitless Source of healing light.  Reiki cannot be harmful and always goes to where it is most needed.  Reiki can help clear out energy blocks that manifest as pain or as habits that no longer serve you.  Reiki will support YOU in your own path and healing process. 

  • reduce stress
  • increase energy and focus
  • enhance creativity
  • experience more support in your life
  • balance chakras
  • clear blockages
  • support your preganancy 

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Reiki can aid you in navigating many of the major changes that life demands of us.  From grieving for a loved one to preparing to welcome a new life into your family, Reiki supports the deep inner work demanded by these times of change.

Reiki can help you commit to and sustain lifestyle changes such as creating a healthy diet, choosing to exercise more or stop smoking.  Reiki can help support you when facing such things as chronic pain, fibromyalgia, cancer and chemotherapy, diabetes, depression, or anxiety.

**Reiki can be an effective adjunct to ongoing medical treatment, but is not a replacement for necessary medical care**  If you are currently under the care of a physician, please consult with your doctor before beginning Reiki Healing.

What to Expect:

Image courtesy of  Reiki News Magazine

Image courtesy of Reiki News Magazine

For your Reiki session, plan to wear comfortable clothing.  Its recommended that you are well hydrated and have not just eaten.

Reiki is given in a comfortable lying down position on a massage table.  Generally the first half of the session works on the front of the body and the second half works on the back of the body.  If you are pregnant or feel more comfortable lying on one side rather than on your back and/or face down, the session will be modified to accommodate your preferences.  If you would prefer to sit in a comfortable chair for the session, please let Jasmine know.

Jasmine will guide you into relaxation and begin and end each side with reading and then balancing the energy of your chakras. She usually begins at the feet and moves through a series of hand positions, channeling the healing Reiki energy into the physical and energetic body.  Depending on the session, she may spend more time at one spot or work with clearing the energy body.


Sessions may also include aura clearing and/or "psychic surgery."  Sometimes there will be energy "blocks" - spots that are holding heavy, dense energy that is impeding the natural free flow of energy; in these cases Jasmine may perform a clearing or removal and then recharge the area with Reiki.


People experience different things in a Reiki session: deep relaxation, insights or 'ah-ha" moments, comforting heat or refreshing coolness, tingles, or falling asleep.  Some people may experience seeing bright colors or specific images or have a sense of being supported by the spiritual world.


This is YOUR session, YOUR healing, YOUR path.