Prenatal Reiki can be a beautiful gift to mother and baby.  Prenatal Reiki treatments can enhance the mother-baby connection, support a healthy pregnancy, prepare for labour and help relieve some of the discomforts associated with pregnancy.  Reiki automatically adjusts itself to be gently beneficial to baby, and cannot harm or hurt in any way.  "Reiki babies" are generally said to be very 'zen' babies, being calmer and less fussy than other babies.  A postpartum Reiki session with mom and baby or dad and baby can help strengthen bonding and support recovery from the birth.

At eight months pregnant my hips and back were incredibly sore and laying down was uncomfortable at best. Prenatal reiki eased my aches and pains and soothed me into a state of deep relaxation - I walked out of that session more well-rested than I had been in weeks!
— Anna Maple
At the time of my session I was 3.5 months pregnant. It helped me let go of some the fears I had surrounding pregnancy & move forward through my journey with more clarity & joy. I definitively plan on going back! I highly recommend this to other new mammas!
— Karen Ben-Israel