Energy Healing sessions

Energetic healing works on the levels of spirit, soul, and emotion to bring you back into balance, or harmony, with yourself and with the world. 

I have been working with a number of healing modalities for many years. I create sacred space.  I work intuitively with crystals and herbs.  I read tarot.  I speak with spirit guides and allies.  I use the percussive rhythm of a drum to metaphysically journey to the Otherworld: sometimes I will bring back wisdom stories or metaphysical gifts, sometimes a spiritual guide or ally will ask to be connected with you (its kind of like a matchmaking service!), sometimes there is work to be done on the soul level.  I use hands-on Reiki.  I work intuitively with the metaphysically tactile energy centers of the body.  

Each session will include some combination of these modalities, and may be deeply transformational, deeply restorative, or both! 

This is deeply personal work.  Each session is a 2+ hour time commitment.  No two sessions will be alike.  You may find that in the days and/or weeks following a session that you require extra self-care and time for integration. 


Healing is the process of learning to live in our own wholeness.  Yoga teaches that you are already perfect, already complete, already whole.  The process of yoga is the process of removing anything that clouds that inner light.  Similarly, energetic healing is the removal of anything heavy or dark that you don't need to carry anymore.  Energetic healing can also bring in new energy as a resource for you to use as you walk in the world.  The act of Healing is the act of embracing your whole self.  Sometimes this means acknowledging parts of the self or deeply held desires that have long been absent or ignored.  Sometimes it means smoothing out the rough patches caused by conflicting emotions, desires or circumstances.  Sometimes it simply means releasing the chronic load of tension and stress.  I work to support you as you heal the wounds of your past, step into your life with increased awareness and gratitude, and create your future.