How to work with me

I've been getting a number of inquiries about classes and healing sessions: honestly I've been putting off making a firm decision about this since I love all of you beautiful people that I've worked with over the years and I do enjoy being of service.  However, in-person work just isn't sustainable for me right now: between being 5 months pregnant (and all the energetics pertaining thereto) and mama to a toddler, living 20 miles outside of town with only one family vehicle, and needing to arrange schedules with Cottage Midwifery  for childcare and use of office/healing space - in-person sessions are difficult to manage at best.  

I've added a Work with Me page to the website which outlines my Witch in the Woods offering.  Working via distance and on my own schedule for the actual working is something that is both manageable and sustainable for me right now, and also allows me to dive as deep as needed without being held to other peoples' clocks and schedules.  

I may look into booking a space for a day's worth of sessions and open those limited appointments for booking at some point in the future, so if that would be of interest, make sure you're on the newsletter list (sign up in the form at the VERY bottom of this page).  Similarly, if I schedule a workshop or a R&R session, I'll open the spots up to the newsletter and blog readers first.  

Thank you so much for being on this journey with me.  In the meanwhile, I'm making magic out of yarn and string and you can purchase my work on Etsy.