Its been a while! New year, new you? Is it hello or is it goodbye?

Whew!  Life, motherhood, fiber arts, yoga, healing work.  Building businesses and closing non-profits.  2017 was quite a year.  2018 is shaping up to be another.  Many of you know that wee human number two is planning an arrival earthside this summer.  We're really excited to welcome them to the family, and I'll admit to being ever so slightly terrified of the changes and increasing demands for "mama!" that a second tiny human will bring.  But mostly we're excited.  

You may have noticed that I've been really quiet over here the last 2 years or so.  Motherhood has really marked a new epoch in my life, moreso than I expected.  Home and hearth have centered themselves.  I've been focused more on giving healing and joy to the world through fiber and yarn and babywearing than through touch and posture and teaching.  I dream of sheep these days rather than retreats and find my mind wandering to planning colors and weaves rather than to asana sequences and class outlines.  It suits me right now.  Feeds my spirit in the way that my spirit needs fed.

I've also been more deeply cultivating a personal spiritual practice.  The funny thing about being a teacher is that the love and devotion to a practice that first brought you to it can sometimes get lost in the service to others; you find yourself doing a full yoga practice only when you're teaching it, or only planning rituals to serve a group of others rather than the secret depths of your soul.  Slowly "my practice" becomes "the practice that I teach."  I came to yoga at a time when my job - while hugely worthwhile - was draining and difficult and a heavy burden to bear.  Yoga taught me to walk through that time, how to heal myself and others, allowed me to bring my best self to heartbreak after heartbreak.  I don't really exaggerate when I say that yoga saved me.  And now I'm working to find that again.  To find the way that a practice, to find the way that MY practice can carry me through this new era of oh so rewarding and oh so demanding work of life and motherhood.  I'm casting a circle to mark the moon, not as a service to others but for me, as a safe and sacred space for me to rest in the embrace of my Goddesses and guides.  I'm bringing discernment to those practices, teasing apart the places where my practice has been culturally appropriative and working to decolonize other parts by embracing my ancestral spiritual heritage.  If you're not familiar, go google "cultural appropriation" and "decolonization" - they're important ideas.  Especially for those on the path of the seeker.   

Someday I fully expect to step back onto the teaching mat, but it won't be this year.  I will be writing here though, I hope.  As I've been cultivating a stronger solitary practice - one that doesn't revolve around attending classes and groups and workshops and all such wonderful things - I've started to get questions and inquiries as to how I do it. 

As a total beginner, how does one start to do Tarot?  Moon ceremony sounds mysterious and even a little exotic, what exactly do you do?  How can I cleanse my house?  

And I'd like to try to answer some of those questions in this space, because the askers are amazing and beautiful people.  Because sorting through my own thoughts and assessing my own integrity on these topics feels useful.  Because writing a late night blog post or three is a very different story these days from consistently showing up at the studio on a day at a time to teach: the late night writing can work around fussy babies and postpartum insomnia a whole lot better! 

I'd be honored and humbled if you stay around for the journey.  If this isn't your cup of tea and you're getting this in your email inbox, just scroll down and hit unsubscribe.  

.... and if fiber and yarn and cloth and the ancient practices of women's magic with string and twist (and a bit of fate!) sounds interesting, or if you're in need of a splash of tactile beauty in your life, then come join me over at 14 Mile Farm for all the textiles all the time, woven with love and magic.  (Yes, I do have an Etsy shop, thanks for asking!)