Inquire within

Kripalu Yoga is an inquiry based tradition.  This means that instead of affirming the one right answer or approach or practice, Kripalu Yoga teaches us to look to our inner knowing, our unique guidance and to live in the question of "What is right for my own highest Self?"

I just spent a month assisting at a 200 hour Kripalu yoga teacher training.  It was an incredible experience mentoring 60 new yoga-teachers-in-training.  Teacher training in an inquiry based tradition is a transformative experience, and I took home some gems of insight.  As I move back into my life after this past month, and look at the reality of integrating a major personal decision that came out of this past moth of self-inquiry, I found the below journaling exercise in my inbox.  Thank you Laura Cornell of Divine Feminine Yoga for your timely newsletter.

I've got a date with my journal and a cup of tea.  I invite you to join me - reflect on some aspect of your life and let your pen tap into the wisdom and knowing that resides deep within you.


~ What opportunities are in front of you to develop a deeper level of trust?

~ In what ways are you perfectly ready for your next big project?

~ How can you let your angels know you welcome their guidance?

~ What opportunities have you have been hesitating to accept?  

~ What is holding you back?

~ What exploration do you need to do to decide whether this opportunity is right for you?

~ What are you willing to let go of to become ready?


What are you inquiring about?