How to work with me

I've been getting a number of inquiries about classes and healing sessions: honestly I've been putting off making a firm decision about this since I love all of you beautiful people that I've worked with over the years and I do enjoy being of service.  However, in-person work just isn't sustainable for me right now: between being 5 months pregnant (and all the energetics pertaining thereto) and mama to a toddler, living 20 miles outside of town with only one family vehicle, and needing to arrange schedules with Cottage Midwifery  for childcare and use of office/healing space - in-person sessions are difficult to manage at best.  

I've added a Work with Me page to the website which outlines my Witch in the Woods offering.  Working via distance and on my own schedule for the actual working is something that is both manageable and sustainable for me right now, and also allows me to dive as deep as needed without being held to other peoples' clocks and schedules.  

I may look into booking a space for a day's worth of sessions and open those limited appointments for booking at some point in the future, so if that would be of interest, make sure you're on the newsletter list (sign up in the form at the VERY bottom of this page).  Similarly, if I schedule a workshop or a R&R session, I'll open the spots up to the newsletter and blog readers first.  

Thank you so much for being on this journey with me.  In the meanwhile, I'm making magic out of yarn and string and you can purchase my work on Etsy.  

Its been a while! New year, new you? Is it hello or is it goodbye?

Whew!  Life, motherhood, fiber arts, yoga, healing work.  Building businesses and closing non-profits.  2017 was quite a year.  2018 is shaping up to be another.  Many of you know that wee human number two is planning an arrival earthside this summer.  We're really excited to welcome them to the family, and I'll admit to being ever so slightly terrified of the changes and increasing demands for "mama!" that a second tiny human will bring.  But mostly we're excited.  

You may have noticed that I've been really quiet over here the last 2 years or so.  Motherhood has really marked a new epoch in my life, moreso than I expected.  Home and hearth have centered themselves.  I've been focused more on giving healing and joy to the world through fiber and yarn and babywearing than through touch and posture and teaching.  I dream of sheep these days rather than retreats and find my mind wandering to planning colors and weaves rather than to asana sequences and class outlines.  It suits me right now.  Feeds my spirit in the way that my spirit needs fed.

I've also been more deeply cultivating a personal spiritual practice.  The funny thing about being a teacher is that the love and devotion to a practice that first brought you to it can sometimes get lost in the service to others; you find yourself doing a full yoga practice only when you're teaching it, or only planning rituals to serve a group of others rather than the secret depths of your soul.  Slowly "my practice" becomes "the practice that I teach."  I came to yoga at a time when my job - while hugely worthwhile - was draining and difficult and a heavy burden to bear.  Yoga taught me to walk through that time, how to heal myself and others, allowed me to bring my best self to heartbreak after heartbreak.  I don't really exaggerate when I say that yoga saved me.  And now I'm working to find that again.  To find the way that a practice, to find the way that MY practice can carry me through this new era of oh so rewarding and oh so demanding work of life and motherhood.  I'm casting a circle to mark the moon, not as a service to others but for me, as a safe and sacred space for me to rest in the embrace of my Goddesses and guides.  I'm bringing discernment to those practices, teasing apart the places where my practice has been culturally appropriative and working to decolonize other parts by embracing my ancestral spiritual heritage.  If you're not familiar, go google "cultural appropriation" and "decolonization" - they're important ideas.  Especially for those on the path of the seeker.   

Someday I fully expect to step back onto the teaching mat, but it won't be this year.  I will be writing here though, I hope.  As I've been cultivating a stronger solitary practice - one that doesn't revolve around attending classes and groups and workshops and all such wonderful things - I've started to get questions and inquiries as to how I do it. 

As a total beginner, how does one start to do Tarot?  Moon ceremony sounds mysterious and even a little exotic, what exactly do you do?  How can I cleanse my house?  

And I'd like to try to answer some of those questions in this space, because the askers are amazing and beautiful people.  Because sorting through my own thoughts and assessing my own integrity on these topics feels useful.  Because writing a late night blog post or three is a very different story these days from consistently showing up at the studio on a day at a time to teach: the late night writing can work around fussy babies and postpartum insomnia a whole lot better! 

I'd be honored and humbled if you stay around for the journey.  If this isn't your cup of tea and you're getting this in your email inbox, just scroll down and hit unsubscribe.  

.... and if fiber and yarn and cloth and the ancient practices of women's magic with string and twist (and a bit of fate!) sounds interesting, or if you're in need of a splash of tactile beauty in your life, then come join me over at 14 Mile Farm for all the textiles all the time, woven with love and magic.  (Yes, I do have an Etsy shop, thanks for asking!)

Yoga Nidra


Yoga Nidra is a highly effective practice of dynamic relaxation that reduces stress, improves sleep, increases immune function, and can help relieve chronic pain and fatigue.  If you feel like you never get enough sleep, or you are exhausted by the end of a busy work day – this is the practice for you!  Refill your well with this gentle practice.

Yoga Nidra can be safely practiced by people of all ages, sizes and mobilities.  All that is required is the ability to sit or lie down in a comfortable position.  I will guide you into a state of relaxation and through a series of awareness practices such as body scanning, conscious breathing, and guided visualization.  You may want to wear comfortable clothing and bring a blanket and/or a pillow.  

Yoga Nidra Deep Rest and Relaxation

Yoga Nidra is the state of consciousness between sleeping consciousness and waking consciousness where the relaxation response and regeneration occur. This healing practice relieves stress patterns by retraining the nervous system to relax which creates a natural setting for the body to heal itself. Yoga Nidra is the perfect supplement to yoga, therapy, meditation, and other healing modality.

In Yoga Nidra the brain enters into healing theta brainwaves (the same as in deep REM sleep), the body enters into its healing parasympathetic response, and we are able to release samskaras - the energetic/emotional blockages and patterns that can drain energy and restrict your life.  It is said that one hour of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to 4 hours of regular sleep! 

A growing body of research indicates that mind-body approaches can help people interweave healthy lifestyle practices into their daily lives that help alleviate pain, promote better sleep, increase resiliency, reduce anxiety and teach self-care management into their daily lives at a fraction of the cost of traditional therapies.

Studies conducted at Stanford, the University of Missouri, University of Ohio, and others have shown Yoga Nidra techniques to be effective to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, high blood pressure, insomnia, and addiction, to lower cholesterol, to increase feelings of well being and calm, to enhance creativity and motivation, to strengthen the endocrine system, and balance the nervous system.

A 2005 study at Walter Reed Army Medical Center found Yoga Nidra techniques highly effective in reducing PTSD symptomology in veterans.  iRest, a specific protocol of Yoga Nidra techniques, is currently being used in treatment programs at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and over 30 other VA and army hospital sites across the US.

Yoga Nidra is exactly the kind of yoga I need.
— Karen Brody
In today’s busy world with its abundance of chronic stress, exhaustion and over-stimulation, I find Yoga Nidra is absolutely essential for rejuvenation and relaxation. Jasmine’s gentle calm and soothing voice and presence helps me melt away accumulated stress and calm my jumpy nervous system. Attending this class regularly allows me to sleep better, think more clearly and experience more love and joy in life. It fills my cup!
— Susan, student

Yin Yoga

*Available by private consultation only*

All levels.  Beginner-friendly

Yin Yoga is a quiet, internal practice of being present with the body and with what is arising in the mind.  It is a physically passive practice of deep compression and release.  It engages the energy body through working with the meridians, the same channels of energy that an acupuncturist works with.  In fact, some people liken a yin yoga class to a mini-acupuncture session, without the needles!

It is derived from Taoist Yoga and is a beautiful complement to an active (vinyasa, yang) yoga practice by making your regular yoga practice ‘juicier.”  Additionally, Yin Yoga can be an effective way to address postural and structural imbalances in the body.  Yin yoga is popular with runners and athletes, the slow deep stretch of a yin class is great cross training and helps balance the intense effort of preparing for a marathon.

In this yin yoga class we will:

  • Create space in the body
  • Hold poses for 3-7 minutes
  • Lubricate the joints to find ease and greater range of motion
  • Clear and open the energy channels in the body, allowing from greater circulation of chi and prana
  • Release the tension held in the Fascia (this is the same tension that massage practices such as myo-fascial release and Rolfing address)
  • Marinate the connective tissues- tendons, ligaments and fascia- as well as the bones and joints in order to increase ease and flexibility and improve the functioning of the body as a system

Each class ends with a Yoga Nidra session.  Yoga Nidra is a practice of dynamic relaxation that has been shown to dramatically reduce stress.  In studies, it has been shown to be effective for battling burnout, curbing anxiety, and alleviating PTSD.  It is also incredibly supportive to creative work.  Yoga Nidra is practiced in a comfortable lying down position and is similar to a guided visualization.  It encourages the body’s parasympathetic nervous system to engage the rest and heal response while it invites the mind to drop into theta brainwaves thereby effecting profound restoration and healing.

Yin Yoga

For More info on Yin Yoga, Check out these sites:


Yin Yoga article by Paul Grilley in Yoga Journal


Yin Yoga Interview with Sarah Powers

Mommy & Me Yoga

Babywearing yoga

*Available by private consultation only*

Get out of the house and meet other Mamas who have little ones!  Bring a baby carrier or wrap if you have one, if you have extras, bring one to share!  We focus on toning and strengthening the pelvic floor, core muscles and abdomen; on building strength and stability; finding peace in the middle of chaos; and opening the shoulders, upper back and heart to release the tension that build from carrying and feeding your little one.  We practice yoga breathing to release stress and as a take-home technique for relaxation during sleepless nights. 

Mommy and Me Yoga Class
Yoga with baby in a sling
Goddess Yoga pose with baby in a sling

New Mama Yoga Classes

$100/ 1 hour class + private consultation

Classes will be held in the comfort of your own home. 

New Mama Yoga helps you develop strength in your core and balance in your life.  New Mama Yoga can be done with your little one!  Practicing yoga while wearing baby has beautiful benefits for you and for baby! 

I will bring a yoga mat and props and teach you how to use common household objects as your own props for while I'm not there.  (Couch pillows, dining room tables and chairs are my favorites.)

This is a great option to set up a DIY yoga or meditation practice to support your transition into motherhood, get your body back or to address specific concerns (diastisis, pelvic floor rehab, healing from C-section).

New Mama core work

I completed Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training at the Seattle Holistic Center.  It was a comprehensive 85-hour training program covering prenatal yoga, therapeutic applications of yoga for pregnancy, yoga and massage for labor, post-partum yoga, infant yoga and massage and a whole lot of love!  My mother is a midwife, and I grew up in the world of childbirth education, doula and midwifery work.  I'm so very excited to be able to serve the Fairbanks birthing and mothering community in this way!