I've always identified with the archetype of the "witch in the woods."  Wildcrafting herbs, speaking to trees, blessing water, consulting the otherworlds, reading tarot, spinning yarn, and weaving cloth... it is all of a piece.  In the myths, the witch lives deep in the woods outside of town and the seeker must journey out to her.  While I do actually live in a cabin in the woods far outside of time, the magic of the internet allows me to work with you even if a trip to Alaska isn't possible.   

Blessed be.

Online/Distance Sessions will be a combination of techniques and practices which may include but are not limited to Reiki, Tarot, Journeying, and the intuitive consultation of crystals, herbs, and other allies.

Tarot is a very old and very well known way of consulting that which is beyond our waking consciousness.  I use three tarot decks: the Morgan-Greer, which is closely based off of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, The Wild Unkown Tarot, and the Shapeshifter Tarot which draws on Celtic mythology.  A reading will speak to the present situation, how the past is affecting it/you, your path, your perceptions, and possible outcomes.  Nothing the tarot says about the future is set in stone.  It a lovely thing about having free will.  If we don't like where we are headed, we can always choose to change course.

Journeying is an even older (ancient) and less well known way of consulting.  It’s a way of consciously accessing the wisdom of the otherworld through working closely with spirit guides.  The outcome of a journey varies.  It may be straight up advice, it may be what I call a 'wisdom story' – a story which holds a message for you.  It may be that I bring you back (this is called a retrieval) a connection with a guide or an energetic gift.  It may be some combination of these. In my personal experience and through working with clients, I have found that these metaphysical retrievals are hugely effective catalysts – they're a gift of pure energy. 

How it works: 

Step 1:
You tell me your query, or the issue you'd like to work with.  If you have a specific query, remember that open-ended questions are FAR more effective than yes/no ones.  

Step 2:
I do the work.  This may include metaphysical journeying, tarot cards, distance energy healing techniques, consulting with crystals and/or herbs.  

Step 3:
I write it all up and email it to you.  This will be an in-depth letter about the work.  I recommend you set aside some time when you are able to feel safe and relaxed and present -perhaps with a cup of tea - to open it and integrate what it contains.